Our Vision & Aims


Our Mission

To change the inevitable future of so many children.

By providing education to young children we will broaden their minds, increase their knowledge and ultimately give them a better start to life. Education is invaluable and reshapes the future, the child labour market will no longer be the only career option for these children.

Our Vision

To improve the lives of children in Pakistan and India.

Through providing health, education and training children in India and Pakistan have the chance of becoming self-sufficient. Improved knowledge and education will provide better lives to the children of today as well as tomorrow.

Our Aims

To provide health, education and training to those less fortunate.

Our aim is to provide a high standard of education to children living in poverty in India and Pakistan. We also work hard to provide computers and equipment to help the development and training of teachers.

Why We Love What We Do

“I love to think that a small effort from people in a privileged position can make such a big difference to people less fortunate than us. After all, doesn’t every child deserve a good start in this world?”

Rameez Khan
Trustee, H.E.A.T. Foundation

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