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Supporting children through health, education and training opportunities in India and Pakistan


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Supporting education centres and initiatives in India and Pakistan, the H.E.A.T Foundation aims to transform the lives of 550 children living in poverty. We believe that schools are beacons of hope and that investing in healthcare, education and training can improve the lives of individuals and empower communities.


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Every quarter the H.E.A.T. committee meet and discuss achievements and issues, projects, discuss and agree fundraising ideas and the amount of donations received


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Poverty is like a disease,
to cure it we need your help!
Help us give those less fortunate children a warm welcome into our special world.

Football match to win the HEAT TROPHY 

Our journey with H.E.A.T. Foundation began back in 2005, when myself and the Tower Leasing team were first introduced to the organisation’s work by its founder, Umar. After learning of some of the acute educational and health challenges faced by children across India and Pakistan, we knew that we had to get involved and have been close supporters of the charity ever since.

The Foundation has come a long way since it first began, and it has been inspiring to see the progress made across several individually vital projects. This has been particularly true for the keystone initiative, The Vaniyambadi Global School, where the overall impact on the local community has been immeasurable.

It has been a true privilege to witness the tireless dedication of the charity over the past couple of decades and the many hundreds of children who have had their education and lives enriched as a result. We look forward to seeing what Umar and the H.E.A.T. Team can achieve over the years ahead and we will be rooting for them every step of the way.

Kerry Howells

Managing Director, Tower Leasing

My name is Abdul Moiz I read in class 9th, I’m given free education by Heat Foundation UK.

I am thankful Heat and pray for the success of Heat

Abdul Moiz

I would like the children helped by H.E.A.T. to reach the highest standard of education possible. God has given each child a gift and we would like each child to find their gift through education.

Rita Smith

Trustee, HEAT Foundation

I have been an admirer and supporter of HEAT Foundation’s work for many years now. When you want to do the most good with any giving, it is so important to know that donations are reaching the frontline and being spent wisely. It is so comforting to know that every penny given to HEAT goes undiluted to front line work and that Umar and his team work so hard to ensure that what they spend has the maximum impact in helping change lives.

Karim Khan