Give a Gift that makes a difference


Buying a gift for someone has never been easier. We’ll send you a FREE Gift card for you to give someone special to let them know what you have bought on their behalf. Just follow the 3 easy steps below

STEP 1: Please select your gift…

(by entering the corresponding letter in the contact form below)

Gift A

A gift of £10 buys an eye test for 10 students

Gift B

A gift of £10 buys a dental check for 10 students

Gift C

A gift of £10 contributes to extra-curricular activities such as sports days and arts and crafts for 1 year

Gift D

A gift of £20 buys 1 child a lunch meal for half an academic year

Gift E

A gift of £20 buys stationary and text books for 20 students

Gift F

A gift of £40 buys 1 child a lunch meal for a full academic year

STEP 2: Fill in the contact form



    We send all cards with a blank envelope for you to address to your recipient.

    Please allow 5 working days for delivery.


    STEP 3: Pay for gift using the button below to complete your order.

    Don’t forget to click the single donation option and to confirm your gift amount on the BT MyDonate page