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This is the very first joint project that HEAT got involved with a local charity by the purchase four pieces of land to build a new Urdu medium NM school which originally started in 1951 ( just happens to be the year Umar was born). There were no government schools existed in the area this school was built in two phases and over time it had 534 boys and girls being educated, 80% of whom would not otherwise be in education. Since than the Government started building schools in the area , and our school lost over 400 children as Government provided breakfast and lunch when our school was only able to afford in providing lunch. Just the cost of lunch was more than the total cost of teacher’s salary.

So, it was decided two years ago to convert the school to English medium with the new name of Vaniyambadi Global School current 148 boys and girls ages 5 – 10.

Providing free eye tests to students is a commendable initiative that can help identify vision problems early and ensure that students have the necessary support for their education. We are collaborate with AR Hospital eye care professionals organizations to conduct these tests and provide follow-up care if needed. Regular eye exams can contribute to students’ overall well-being and academic success.